Books Books Nehemiah Essentials of Effective Christian Service. 17 Expository, Alliterated Devotional Sermons from Nehemiah with emphasis on Effective Ministry. 198766475 The Epistle of James 20 Sermons frorm James. Expository, Devotional, Allterated, Illustrated. 198766476 The Epistle to the Philippians These are Annotated Sermon Notes that covers this great NT epistle. 198766477 Digging Below the Surface A 31 Day Devotional Book by Dennis Sampson. Excellent for all ages. 203978727 The Epistle of 1st Peter 16 Messages on Faith: Tested and Triumphant. This is so needed today with the hatred of Christianity around the world. It will help prepare you for the coming persecution. 198766478 Zeal Without Knowledge This book covers the controversial subjects of Faith, Repentance and the Lordship of Christ as they relate to Salvation. Must reading for every Preacher, yea, every Christian. 198766480 The Miscarriage of Marriage Written by the late Dr. Andrew Telford, this book covers the the NT truth concerning divorce and remarriage. Hint: the book was originally titled, WHY NO DIVORCE. Greatly needed in this day of "marrying and giving in marriage". 198766484 Child Discipline This book covers every verse in proverbs that deals the subject of training children. Great help for parents. 198766479 What is Repentance? Written by Dr. Johnny Jones, this book is so needed today in this age of easy-believism. 198766481 The Lordship of Christ Written by Dr. Johnny Jones, this book shows the Lordship of Christ as it relates to every other doctrine in the Bible. 198766482 Not Without Blood Written by Steve Nissley, this book proves that the blood of Christ is real, literal blood. Great book. Lots of alliterated outlines presenting the necessity of the literal blood of Christ for Salvation. 198766483 Principles from The Miracles of Christ Written by Dr. Ray Warren, this is a great book to be used as Sunday School or Wednesday Bible Study. 198766485 Practical Principles for the Pastor Written by Dr. Ray Warren, this covers all the aspects of the ministry from a very practical point of view. Used in Bible Colleges wherever Dr. Warren lectures. Great for all Pastors, Missionaries and Evangelists. 198766486 Short Stories form the Maine North Woods These are mostly true stories from the life of Steve Nissley. They are so funny you will hurt yourself laughing. 198766487 Hilarious Stories from the Low Country of SC This book contains 14 of the funniest stories you will every hear. Great knee slapping humor for the whole family. 198766488 Suicide Here is a great resource to help everyone to understand what the Bible says about Suicide and its devasting effects. by Dennis Sampson 203979220 Seasons of the Heart A great book of Poems by Beverly Hoover, written out of her personal experiences of life. Excellent with Biblical references for each poem. 203979222